So much to get into this week and we start with Sportsmen’s Alliance VP of Marketing Brian Lynn. The fact that Pennsylvania hunters haven’t been legally allowed to hunt on Sundays since the colonial days of the late 1600s is mind boggling.  Thankfully, those days are finally coming to and end as the outdated “Blue Law” has been done away with to some degree. The statistical fact that Pennsylvania still ranks 4th by state (over 300,000 deer a year) in annual deer harvest is a testament to the deer hunting culture that already exists there. Increased hunter opportunity should only see that blossom.

Brian sticks around for the next segment where we hit on the bill President Trump recently signed and how or if the PACT ACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty Act) will affect the hunting community. Many of you have emailed or messaged me concerning this bill and so I naturally asked the Sportsmen’s Alliance to educate us on the lingo the bill contains. The word “cruelty” can be defined with a broad brush stroke in today’s age of anthropomorphism. For instance, some animal rights activists consider chaining up a hunting dog as extremely cruel. What does the bill say?

Next I’m joined by First Lite Whitetail Product Line Manager Greg Farrell. The lifelong Wisconsin deer hunter knows a thing or two about staying warm in the whitetail woods. We discuss his background as a hunter and how that lead him to his role at First Lite. Much of his experience lends to the products you see First Lite releasing specifically geared towards whitetail hunters. Plus, we talk about a few big bucks that either have or are currently giving us the slip. Nothing in my career has ever been as frustrating and subsequently as rewarding as trying to kill a mature whitetail buck with a bow.

Greg admiring one of those wily old mature bucks he finally got the better of. BTW, you can check out the whitetail specific First Lite gear we discussed here: