From rice breast (parasitic infection) in ducks to abscesses, disease, and infection in cervids…what does a hunter do when they harvest a tainted animal? We visit with Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement Chief of Staff and TPWD Whitetail Deer Program Leader Alan Cain on the topic. There is so much misinformation out there and I’ve had quite a few of you ask about this very topic over the years. So we’ll pick their brains on what we should from a legal standpoint. Make no mistake, every hunter’s ethics should implore them to save as much of an animal as they can, but common sense has to come into play at some point as well. (this whitetail doe is clearly not fit for human consumption).

Next I sit down with renown big game hunter, hunt broker, and world traveler Corey Knowlton and First Lite’s Community Manager Kevin Harlander. We discuss the process of how to vet an outfitter you’re looking at booking with. Let me apologize in advance for the poor sound quality we taped at the recent Dallas Safari Club convention and one of my headsets was on the fritz.

We wrap things up with a few recent recipes that have been huge hits in the Smith house. If you’ve got anything with feathers in that freezer then these are for you!