Another video of a feral hog being blown up as a crowd of “hunters” (I use that term loosely) hooted and hollered went viral recently. Maybe you enjoy seeing that, I for one wish hunters would be more cognizant of the material they put into the public forum. Ultimately the public forum is where we are judged as a hunting community. Texas Parks and Wildlife Cooke County Game Warden Stormy McCuistion makes his return to the show to discuss these types of videos and the potential effect they can have on a non hunter who views it. Also, in the latest viral video of a hog being blown up, the act committed was a felony which many folks might not be aware.

We also discuss some of the other boneheaded things Stormy came across in the past few months while working his Cooke County beat. Interesting stuff as always with one of our favorite Game Wardens.

Then our good friend Brian Lynn – VP Communications of Sportsmen’s Alliance drops in. We take a look at various anti hunting legislation currently introduced on state levels. Many of which directly would affect hunting dogs, specifically any hunter who has a kennel of hunting dogs. Whether that’s hog dogs, lion hounds, upland points/flushers or retrievers etc. If you’re not a member of Sportsmen’s Alliance I encourage you to join. They’re essential in monitoring and alerting the hunting community of anti hunting bills across all 50 states.

A snapshot of the Sportsmen’s Alliance Instagram page, just to give you an idea of the good that they’re doing for us as hunters and anglers.