Republicans occupying the Oval Office generally means a downturn in gun sales and that trend continued with the Trump Administration. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gun sales have sky rocketed to unprecedented levels, so much so that firearm manufacturers can’t keep up with the current demand. Mossberg Firearm’s Linda Powell makes her return to the show this week and we discuss who is buying guns, what are they buying, are the first time gun buyers getting proper training with most ranges being closed? It’s certainly an interesting time in our country and Linda admits she’s never seen Americans purchasing guns at this rate in 24 years in the firearms industry.

(People line up outside a gun store during the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo Courtesy of Forbes)

When you issue a gag order to shut up your trained biologists so that you can further an anti hunting, anti conservation agenda…well there is a serious problem. That is exactly what the state of Colorado has done concerning the ballot initiative where the general population of Colorado will vote on whether or not to dump wolves onto the landscape. Colorado native Aron Snyder of Kifaru is as well versed on the issue as anyone and Aron joins me this week to discuss this unprecedented action. What will stop the anti’s from seeing this take place in Colorado and then decide to do the same thing in other states (maybe not with wolves but with some other species they no longer want us to hunt etc)? This is uncharted territory.
Also, how will Colorado Parks and Wildlife replace the tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue when their robust elk herd is decimated by wolves? Those hunter dollars fund the daily operations of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and conservation across the board.
(Anyone who believes wolves only kill the weak, sick, old or young has been mislead. They’re killing machines that will take down anything they come across.)