Our good friend and First Lite Community Manager Kevin Harlander makes his return to the show. We discuss how the Covid 19 Pandemic is affecting the hunting retail industry. We also hit on cancelled hunting trips due to the pandemic. Plus, spring turkey and black bear, the 2020 First Lite line up and the worst hunter Kevin’s ever guided in the elk woods.


The inquisitive mind of a 7 year old as they take in and really begin to appreciate the outdoors is a beautiful thing. Due to the current state of affairs, Henry has been spending even more time than usual hunting with dad. We get his thoughts on this coming of age era for a boy. Currently, we’re starting to shoot a rifle so he can take his first deer or hog this coming fall.

Henry giving a coyote I shot a dental exam.

Still all smiles after taking barbed wire to one eye and a hornet sting to the other.