You’ve likely been told that eating raw freshwater fish is extremely dangerous. But is that really accurate information? MeatEater Fishing Editor Sam Lungren has done much research on the topic. He joins me this week to discuss this topic in depth. We look at some of the common parasites and bacteria found in raw fish from both fresh and saltwater. As someone who loves to eat freshwater striped bass raw (mostly in ceviche) I found Sam’s recent article worth diving into further.

Sam with a nice Montana trout. Would he eat it raw? Tune in to find out.


Next we’ll catch up with our old friend Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics. We get into Alaskan black bear hunting, specifically a public draw hunt on one of the most remote regions of North America. Also spring turkey, the status of my 2020 South Africa safari and the latest and greatest from Vortex like the new Razor HD LHT scope pictured below.