Captain Sally Black of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun and our mutual friend Darren Jones of Feral Concepts join the show this week. We discuss the legendary Baffin Bay, Texas which is synonymous with trophy caliber speckled trout (spotted sea trout). Sally is a longtime guide and has an in depth understanding as to why Baffin Bay turns out monster trout after monster trout. Darren is from Corpus Christi and fondly recalls running down to Baffin Bay with his dad as a youth.

We discuss what makes Baffin Bay special, solunar feeding tables, how to fish a bay with no tide, soft plastics for salt water fish, catch and release or release the grease, the legendary trout guru Aubrey Black, the elite waterfowling that Baffin provides each fall, Darren’s 33 inch catch a lifetime and we hit on the day the three of us shared fishing Baffin last weekend.

Captain Sally with a beautiful Baffin Bay ‘speck’ as we refer to them on the coast.

The 33 inch monster Darren caught while fishing with Captain Sally and Aubrey Black in 2016

Myself and Sally wading under a beautiful Baffin Bay sunrise.