COVID 19’s impact on the hunting community has been drastic, some positive (more folks are getting outdoors due to social distancing and having more free time) but by in large from a guiding/outfitting standpoint the impact has been extremely detrimental. I discuss the international repercussions with John X Safaris owner and my personal friend/PH Carl Van Zyl. First Lite’s Kevin Harlander gives us his take on the domestic and Canadian side of the equation during this roundtable discussion. The effects will be long lasting if governments don’t allow businesses that depend on travel (much of it international) to survive. How long can outfitters go losing season after season of hunting revenue? What about the impact on conservation and anti poaching? We discuss.

The conversation then takes a light hearted tone as we dive into the regional differences of hunting in shorts. When and why do we do it? Why do the African PH’s wear such short shorts? What about boots and shorts? Certainly an odd look but one that is often based on necessity.

Next I’m joined by Stealth Cam’s Chris Dunkin. Wireless cell cameras have come along way in the past 6-7 years and the units no longer cost $500 to get marginal photos that may or may not upload. The latest in that evolution is the Stealth Cam Fusion. We discuss it’s unique features, price point and user friendly design. Plus some outside of the box uses for cell cams.