With the recent PR nightmare experienced by the NRA, I recently asked what other pro gun organizations our audience supported. The overwhelming response was Gun Owners of America. I personally wasn’t a member (I am now) so I did some digging and figured we all should get to know GOA a little bit. Thrilled to have spokeswoman and Texas Director Rachel Malone join the show this week to talk about the GOA, how they run the organization, Kamala Harris’ 2nd Amendment history and much more.

(Rachel advocating for our 2nd Amendment Rights)

Next we spend some time with deer breeder Chase Clark (former Texas Deer Association President). Our family recently were guests of his Rebel Ranch in Three Rivers, Texas. We take a look at how the whitetail industry has evolved over the past couple decades and how the giant non typical look is no longer in high demand. Of course we mix in some management conversation, an oasis on the Nueces River that he took our family to, we recap our axis hunt and discover one particularly ill tempered blackbuck ram.

A few of the 2.5 year old bucks in Chase’s program.