Purple Heart Recipient turned United States Congressman Dan Crenshaw joins me this week. We discuss what a Biden/Harris victory looks like for the 2nd Amendment. Plus, why is the Green New Deal so fundamentally flawed and how would it affect the United States economy? Also, is court packing a real threat (I.E. can the democrats gain enough support to do this if they do indeed take the White House and Senate)?

We also talk concealed carry, liberalism vs leftism, why Pelosi won’t pass new Covid stimulus package before the election and much more with the former Navy Seals Lt. Commander.

Then we spend some time with Big & J whitetail product’s Josh Kinser. I recently started using Big & J and the results have been stunning as far as attracting deer (and even hogs). What makes some attractants/supplements better than others? What major nutritional ingredient is often left out of deer attractants? How should one plan to keep raccoons and hogs away from the investment they’ve made in their deer herd?