Henry joins me in studio this week to recount taking his first whitetail deer. We discuss what caliber and bullet combo is ideal for a 7 year old just getting into shooting. Also, what was the wildlife movement like on our trip? What was that queasy feeling he experienced right before pulling the trigger? All that and much more with the boy.


Then our friend Wes Knight of Knight’s Custom Boots jumps on. I recently had them turn my alligator into a ridiculously comfortable and sharp looking pair of boots. Not many things seem as rewarding walking around wearing the skin of something you harvested yourself. Wes talks about what makes a custom boot special. Plus we recap how our hunting seasons have gone and show the .270 caliber some love.


Then we wrap things up by checking in with Ben Cassidy- Director of Governmental Affairs for SCI. We look back at the Trump Administration and how they performed in the conservation/hunting realm. What should we expect from the Biden camp going forward- has he tipped his hand towards a potential trophy import ban on certain iconic species? Also, what does a potential COVID 19 vaccine mean for the hunting community?

(will the African lion Obama era import ban be brought back under Biden?)