Siblings Trevor Schneider and Tana Grenda recently embarked on a Southwestern Alaskan brown bear hunt in hopes of Trevor taking a world class boar. Due to a late winter and recent snow, the bears weren’t at their traditional haunts gorging themselves on salmon along the river. So the pair resorted to spending hours glassing the above tree line looking for bears that recently had come out of hibernation.

When they finally made a play on a 1,000 lb giant, things went south in a hurry. Their reliable old .338 Utra Mag jammed after Trevor had unloaded 3 rounds into the bear. He starts gaining ground on them quickly leaving them armed with only a .458 Casull revolver. Tune into to hear them recount the event as it unfolded. One that saw them facing the mortally wounded bear on a mountain ridge at 5 yards!

(The last shot from Trevor’s revolver as captured on Tana’s cell phone. Video Copyright Tana Grenda)