Alaskan big game hunter, Outdoor Life Writer, Conservationist and fellow podcast host Tyler Freel joins the show this week. We discuss the proposed closure of 60 million acres of federal land to non local hunters. Also, is there a previous track record of how human traffic/oil field activity affects caribou activity?

Perhaps most importantly, how does Tyler feel about Trump’s legacy pertaining to hunting and conservation? I heard way too many “hunters” (even influential ones within our community) champion Biden on their social media outlets and podcasts leading up to the November election. Maybe that was warranted if Trump really was awful when it comes to protecting our outdoor passion. However, if Trump’s legacy really is a positive one, then a vote for Biden on this false pretense is not only erroneous, but also a heavy handed shot at the 2nd Amendment. It’s no secret that Biden wants to implement the strictest gun control policy our nation has ever seen.

Tyler’s perspective is one I value immensely due to the fact that he lives within close proximity to where much hunting/conservation controversy seems to have taken place of late. You can find Tyler’s Tundra Talk podcast here:

Next, we sit down with Andrew Howard of Versacarry to talk all things holsters and concealed carry. What is the number 1 reason people who own handguns don’t routinely carry? How will states passing Constitutional Carry laws affect concealed carry? Have holster manufacturers been able to keep up with the crazy demand more efficiently than firearm and ammunition suppliers?