Outdoor writer and passionate big hunter Michael R. Shea makes his return to the show this week. We dive headfirst into one of the more complicated archery elk quests you’ll ever hear of. Deaths in the family, kidney stones, missed opportunities and even sharing camp with some questionable characters all come into play over this decade long quest. This season, however Michael finally got that monkey off his back in Colorado.

(Michael and his OTC Colorado cow elk)

Then we spend a few segments discussing rimfire rifles and the modern .22 precision craze currently sweeping through the shooting community. Who would have ever thought shooters would spend $8,000-10,000 on a .22 rifle? We compare the .22 to the .17 HMR and also look at the historical big bore rimfire calibers that once helped win the West. You can pick Michael’s new book Rimfire Revolution – A Complete Guide To Modern .22 RiflesĀ wherever books are sold.