I remember hearing Keith Warren talking on stage at a hunting trade show years ago. He shared a story that has stuck with me since when he and his son went on a Canadian black bear hunt and the guide drank himself to death in his tent. On this week’s show Keith (a veteran of some 3 plus decades in the outdoor industry) tells that story plus some of the other worst experiences he’s had on guided hunts throughout his career.

Keith and I also discuss gratuity when it comes to a guided hunt. What is expected? What kind of service would you expect if you rebooked after a stellar hunt where you left a crappy tip? Also, I think alot of hunters fail to understand the entire camp staff is also in play, not just your guide.

(Keith joined me on a Zoom call from an elk hunting lodge in New Mexico)

Next up our old friend Brad Luttrell of the online GoWild community makes his return to the show. GoWild has some exciting new developments where members of the online community can now shop their favorite hunting/fishing/outdoor gear right on the platform. Plus, Brad breaks down some interesting stats concerning what hunters are searching for and what they’re actually purchasing during the fall of 2021. Join GoWild today by downloading the app today and get a free $10 credit on your first purchase. You’ll find me on GoWild shooting the breeze with other users on a regular basis.