I’ve visited with tons of interesting people over the years and Jason Jeter is no exception. We’ve been friends for some time, although much of that interaction has been through social media. So it caught my attention when Instagram deleted his account without warning last week. They gave no real explanation, the page was disabled and 45,000 followers gone in an instant. Jason talks about that situation as it becomes more obvious with each passing day that big tech is dead set on eliminating all pro 2nd Amendment content as well as condemning legal hunting in the process.

We also discuss the things that I think made his page so unique: a passion for long range shooting, international hunting, a career in riding bucking horses that resulted in being inducted into the Texas Pro Rodeo hall of fame and of course an appreciation for fine bourbon and cigars.

(Jason enjoyed a storied career riding bucking horses on the pro rodeo circuit)

Next we spend some time visiting with our old friend Brian Lynn of Sportsmen’s Alliance. There’s much to discuss concerning how different states are attempting to manage wolves and the subsequent anti hunting potholes they’re having to navigate through in the process. We also get into an active petition from said anti hunters that if adapted would have a catastrophic result on the current interstate hunting model we enjoy in North America.