I’m not saying this is the best show I’ve ever done, but it might be the most important. As a father and as a conservationist I look at my kids as my legacy just like many of you do. If we commit to raising our kids to respect and love wildlife but also with the understanding that only death puts food on our table, then collectively we will assure the future of hunting and conservation looks bright.

This week I will have each member of the family on the show to discuss what the outdoors means to them. We discuss the kids favorite hunting/fishing experiences, their favorite wild game recipes, hunting goals or bucket list hunts, and much more.

Also Henry shares a ridiculous story where I completely failed as a parent and Erin gives her take on what it is I really do for a living.

Some of our recent memories made:


(Stella and Dad trapping)

(Henry’s first big game animal- black buck doe. 7 years old)

(Erin with a 43 inch snook)