I’ve shot Kent waterfowl loads since I was in college. When the opportunity to work with a brand I already used and trusted came up 4 years ago, of course I jumped at the opportunity. It was awesome to have Kent come down to Texas for a little West Texas crane and dove action with Final Descent Guide Service out of Lubbock, TX.

In between hunts I sat down for a round table discussion with Kent’s Hunter Colbert, Cade Johnson and our camera man Steve Bustraan. None of them had ever been crane hunting so we get their initial thoughts on these giant birds lighting into our decoy spread at 20 yards. We discuss the loads we used on the hunt, bucket list waterfowl destination hunts, industry wide manufacturing issues due to material shortages, and camera man Steve grills us on a few questions from a non hunter’s perspective.

Then I talk about what is what like for me personally having my old gal Belle on her first crane hunt at 11 years of age and dying of terminal cancer. I believe we all get that “once in a lifetime” dog at some point. Sucks that I am going to say goodbye to mine very soon, but in the meantime we’re going to keep making as many memories as we can. Belle certainly is living her best life until that time comes.