When I heard that the Wisconsin DNR was telling hunters to wear a mask when cleaning dead deer this fall I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe.  Sounds like more fear mongering regarding the pandemic that has altered all of our lives over the past 20 months. But what do I know? I’m no doctor or wildlife biologist. So I figured we’d need to visit with our good friend in Texas Parks & Wildlife Whitetail Deer Program Leader Alan Cain to get his thoughts on this advisory.

Also, how did North American whitetail deer first contract Covid 19? Has it always just been here or did humans spread the virus to the deer? Interesting to think about considering the origins of the original virus in Wuhan, China. Lastly, we also take a look at recent Anthrax outbreaks in Texas whitetail deer as well as new CWD preventative measures that were recently put in place in Texas.


Next, friends Garrett Robertson and Philip Robbins join the show to relive a harrowing fall afternoon circa 2019. The buddies were catching bait on the bank of the Colorado River in a remote area of West Texas when Garrett was attacked seemingly unprovoked by a big wild boar. The subsequent injury required care flight to a regional hospital. The wound required almost 30 staples and would see a nasty infection lead to additional surgery.

The guys each provide their perspective on what happened and why the boar attacked without provocation. Luckily, Philip caught up with that boar a few months later in the exact same spot where it attacked Garrett. The huge hog left his mark on Garrett’s leg in perpetuity.

The boar responsible now resides in Garrett’s house.

Philip (left) and Garrett doing what they love to do. Follow their page @infected_outdoors on Instagram:

Garrett’s gnarly scar: