I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know jack squat about surfing. However, it’s something that has always fascinated me from an onlooker standpoint. When a mutual friend introduced me to professional big wave surfer Mark Healey with a note that he is addicted to spear gun fishing, free diving and bow hunting I knew he’d be a great fit for the show. So mix yourself another Blue Hawaiian and lets dive into things with Mark.

We’ll talk a little surfing and top big wave destinations, alot of spear gun fishing and travel hiccups and also get into Hawaii’s rich hunting tradition and culture. He’s a passionate bow hunter and Hawaii is loaded up with many invasive species, including axis deer and feral hogs.



Mark’s other passions include free diving with a spear gun and bowhunting the island of Lanai for Axis deer. He also gives us some traditional Hawaiian recipes for both raw fish and raw venison. One other thing of note, Mark is passionate about his health and maintenance as we age. Highly recommend checking out his wellness/fitness line of products Protekt.