Tarif Alkhatib is no stranger when it comes to patterning and killing big North Texas bucks with his bow. But his Grayson County, TX buck from this past season grabbed the attention of the whitetail community, and for good reason. The buck he nicknamed ‘Shredder’ grossed 199 5/8 inches and the big 12 point smashed the previous Grayson County typical record. It also is the new #4 all time typical in Texas.

(Shredder on the hoof)

Tarif joins me in studio on this episode to talk about his multi year history learning about and subsequently hunting the Boone and Crockett buck. Surprisingly, Tarif and Shredder had 6 different encounters before he finally made a fatal mistake. We also hear a tale of heartache from a previous season, plus discuss the ethics on cell camera scouting, the proposed regulation changes that would allow for rifle hunting in the archery only counties of Grayson, Collin, Dallas and Rockwall and much more.

(Tarif, myself and the nearly 200 inches of bone in studio)

(December 8th 2021 – The day the big buck finally slipped up)