Safari Club International’s Ben Cassidy makes his return this week. There’s much to discuss with SCI’s Director of Government Affairs who jumps on from Washington D.C. Primarily, the anti trophy importation language that was included in the Appropriations Bill (the government’s proposed budget) has been removed. So there’s much to celebrate on that front. Also, what happened in Spain last week, plus wolves back in the headlines and much more with our old friend. Be sure to join SCI today, no organization does more to protect our way of life and further the sustainable use hunting model.


Next, we spend some time with HOWL For Wildlife founder Charles Whitwam. With a name like HOWL for Wildlife, one might think this is an animal rights activist group, but that is a far cry from what HOWL is actually doing. I think the sky is the limit for this pro hunting organization and I know you’ll enjoy hearing exactly how they’re helping protect your rights as an outdoorsman.