You guys know by now that nothing irks me more than the term “I’m a hunter, but…” – There are no buts, you’re either in or you’re out baby! And if you’re out then you aren’t on my team and certainly not on the side of protecting your fellow hunter’s rights.

Apparently that idea that you can pick and choose hunting practices you like and condemn those you don’t also gets our longtime friend and the face of Outdoor Channel Michael Waddell riled up as well. ‘The Bone Collector’ joins me on this week’s broadcast to discuss why that kind of mentality is so damning to the future of our sport.

We also get into:

  • hunter recruitment (follow up to the recent discussion with the Angry Bowhunter)
  • spring turkey hunting and which sub species is the least intelligent
  • Politics and hunting and why they’re so closely connected in modern society
  • T-bone update (he’s recovering from cancer that resulted in amputation of his right leg)

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