When I heard Secretary of Interior Deb Halaand did away with a government website that lists the Department of Interior’s spending concerning legal payouts, court and attorney fees when dealing with anti hunting organizations I was instantly infuriated. Infuriated that she has the audacity to hide the way our tax payer dollars are spent negotiating with these anti hunting terrorists behind closed doors.

It’s no surprise however, this is who we thought Deb Halaand was despite organizations like Back Country Hunters and Anglers championing her appointment by the Biden Administration. Time to call them to the mat as well.

Sportsmen’s Alliance VP Brian Lynn makes his return to the program to discuss Deb’s shortcomings for hunters and anglers thus far into her appointment. We also get into how she negotiated away the right to use lead ammo on nearly a score of Wildlife Refuges without hunters having a say in the matter.

Plus we get into the new trophy import ban currently in the Appropriations Bill that sits in the U.S. House of Representatives and what it means for lion and elephant in 3 African countries.