Larger than Life is the only way to accurately describe former MMA headliner, Green Beret sniper, entrepreneur, and unapologetic Patriot Tim Kennedy. So it goes without saying that I jumped at the opportunity to visit with him. We discuss how his failures in life ultimately laid the foundation for his success. Much of those failures are outlined in his new #1 best selling book “Scars and Stripes” which hit book shelves in early June.

I feel like I could sit and visit with Tim for hours on end and never get tired of the conversation but here are a few things we hit on during this visit:

  • Favorite caliber for hunting poachers vs hunting animals
  • training anti poaching units in East Africa
  • volunteering for Afghanistan evacuation
  • Re-enlisting in special forces
  • favorite wild game dish
  • social media’s portrayal of hunting vs the reality of hunting
  • Tim’s “man pouch of violence”

Next, our old friend Linda Powell of Mossberg Firearms joins the presentation. We recap her spring turkey and black bear seasons. Then I ask her the tough question of what it’s like working for a firearms manufacturer in the wake of the recent mass shootings. We also hit on the latest and greatest from America’s oldest family owned firearm company.