Beau Martonik reminds me alot of myself. We’re both big whitetail hunters who live in areas void of most other big game hunting opportunity. So, in both of our cases the West called and we answered. We discuss our similar backgrounds and compare the similarities and differences between Texas and Pennsylvania deer hunting culture. Then we transition into the life of a non resident hunter who heads west in search of elk, mule deer or various other big game species each fall.

The task can be a daunting one as far as applications and knowing what to expect when you do draw a tag. This ultimately is what led Beau to start his own East Meets West Hunt Podcast.

Other things discussed:

  • Antiquated Pennsylvania hunting law
  • The typical Pennsylvania deer camp
  • Rise in predators/decreasing trapping affects on turkey populations
  • Beau’s elk hunting journey
  • Pennsylvania’s once in a lifetime elk draw
  • Western plans for 2022
  • Big news from GoWild Social Media platform