Backcountry Hunters and Anglers…who are they really? Anyone who has listened to this show regularly probably already knows I’ve long been skeptical of this organization. I believe they have the potential to do great things for the outdoor community, however there have been multiple red flags for me over the years (some of which I discuss in this episode).

Most concerning of all the potential red flags though has always been their leadership, particularly the former Chairman of their Board of Directors – Ryan Busse. I shed some light on our past interactions during this discussion. Most of my concerns pre date his book “Gun Fight” which is essentially a smut piece attacking the firearm industry as a racist and radical enterprise.

All of that aside, BHA recently liked a Busse post on Instagram where he championed strict gun control and potentially banning AR style rifle platforms. That was the last straw for this unapologetic 2A Supporter. Ironically, it also doesn’t jive with BHA’s statement on Busse’s book as you can read below:

Next we spend some time with hunter, angler, outdoor enthusiast and passionate birder Tiffany Kersten. She recently set a record for most species of birds seen in the lower 48 in one calendar year. Her travels took her to 34 states. She started the year as a down on her luck, recently unemployed survivor of sexual assault (a former archery instructor drugged and assaulted her in 2018) and she came out of her Big Year with a renewed sense of purpose and achievement.

We discuss our shared love of bird watching and how she bucks the trend that most birders aren’t hunters. Actually, it seems like the two sides stay at odds with one another. Tiffany talks about the crazy travel schedule, going for broke to break the record, what it was like spending all that time on the road alone considering her recent history. Plus we get into some of the more rare and surprising species she saw on this incredible journey to recovery.

I actually found out about her story when I came across the June issue of “Texas Monthly” magazine while sitting in the waiting room at my allergist.

(Flame Colored Tanager Tiffany photographed on South Padre Island)

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