If I’ve met a more positive person in the outdoor industry than Travis ‘T-Bone’ Turner, I certainly don’t recall it. His infectious smile and gentle demeanor are things that leave a lasting impression on people. When I heard he was fighting cancer and ultimately had to have part of his right leg amputated I knew if anyone could lick this ordeal it was Travis…and he has. T-Bone talks cancer recovery, getting fitted for prosthetics and what it all means for his 2022-2023 hunting season.

Then we do an archery deep dive on:

  • unknown distances
  • target panic
  • floating pins
  • trigger punching
  • micro diameter arrow shafts
  • building a perfect arrow
  • and much more


Next, we check in with Texas Trophy Hunter’s Lauren Conklin. Extravaganza season is here with Houston kicking things off this past weekend. Next up are Dallas and San Antonio over the next 2 weekends. Lauren talks about the shift from Fort Worth to Dallas for 2022 and gives us some highlights from educational seminars taking place to the deer contest and even gun giveaways. See you guys this Saturday at the Dallas Extravaganza!