After seeing some “pro hunting” groups champion the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 as a major win for hunting/conservation, I figured it was time to get to the bottom of this $470 billion dollar package and if it really benefits the outdoor community.
Gabriella Hoffman is way more nuanced in the bill’s intricacies and she was happy to jump on and explain what it really means for hunting and conservation. Are the minor kickbacks to sportsmen really substantial? What about small business or sole proprietorships in the outdoor industry? What does it mean for them?
We also discuss Colorado Senator Michael Bennett’s recent gaff after releasing an advertisement portraying him as a big fly fisherman and outdoorsman. Problem is, he purchased a one day Colorado fishing license to film the spot…some big sportsman indeed, he’s worth $31 million and he couldn’t spring for the full license to support conservation efforts.
Be wary of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. They don’t have your best interests at heart as sportsmen and women.