Three Curl Outfitters’ Brett Jepsen and I have been hunting together for a long time. Our friendship predates both of our careers in the hunting industry. Regardless of whether the hunt was a barn burner or a skunking, the laughs and comraderie are always on point. We revisit some of those moments as well as discuss Three Curl’s show “Target Rich Environment” which airs on Sportsmen’s Channel.

Brett also divulges why Three Curl went with Sportsmen’s Channel over Outdoor Channel. We wrap it up by getting the low down on his recent Montana prairie dog hunt. Sounds like a blast! Don’t forget Three Curl Outfitters still has dove leases available for the upcoming season and they offer fully outfitted thermal hog hunts in the North Texas area.

(Me giving Brett a mullet on a Kansas duck hunt)

Next we head up to Alaska to check in with passionate big game hunter and Outdoor Life writer Tyler Freel. If you haven’t heard, the Feds just closed 2 more hunting units to dall sheep hunters in Alaska. Having taken upwards of 15 dall sheep rams himself, Tyler is up to speed on the issue. Why did they close these units? What did the Federal Subsistence Board have to do with it and is there adequate scientific data to support the closures?

Secretary of the Interior Deb Halaand oversees the Federal Subsistence Board, so why didn’t she step up to the plate and condemn the motion? There’s alot that goes on behind the scenes and Tyler sheds some light on the pretty obvious corruption that is causing hunters to lose opportunities on land that belongs to them as American citizens. This is also not the first time Alaska has had millions of acres closed to hunters (without scientific data to support it) under Secretary Halaand’s administration.

(Tyler with a mature dall sheep ram)