Kate and Justin Small are making a difference, one wolf at a time. The Idaho couple shares a passion for hunting and trapping these apex predators as an insurance policy to ensure their native elk and deer herds remain viable for future generations of sportsmen and women. We discuss how they’ve learned to successfully tag wolves and dive into Idaho Fish and Game’s management plan. Also, there’s a great organization in the Foundation for Wildlife Management that works with Idaho Fish and Game to reimburse hunters/trappers for wolves they remove from the ecosystem.

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Next we check in with angler Brett Reeder who stormed social media last month when a video of him attempting to remove a hook from a lemon shark went viral. He explains what happened and owns up to the fact that a little bit of carelessness or complacency can certainly lead to serious injury when dealing with a shark’s mouth. You probably have already seen the video at this point but Brett mentions that he “lost his GD pinky” in the clip. Of course blood is everywhere and it’s obvious he’s in need of serious medical attention. What were the extent of the injuries and did he actually lose a finger?

I think there’s something to be said for a man that isn’t too proud to make fun of himself. Brett certainly doesn’t take himself too seriously and I enjoyed the conversation immensely. Doesn’t look like it took him very long to get back out on the water with his wife and their 3 boys. Raising them right indeed!


Link to the video of the incident (Graphic Language warning) : https://www.instagram.com/p/CgW2yNpliKk/