Britt Longoria is one of the women I respect most in the outdoor industry. Her unique blend of story telling and sustainable use hunting makes her social media accounts worth following. This week we catch up and dive into various topics including:

  • Favorite hunt of 2022
  • Worst outfitter experience of her life
  • Marooned in Cameroon
  • The perception of women in international hunting camps
  • What we can do better as a hunting community?
  • Hounds and baiting
  • Bucketlist hunts
  • And much more!

Then we check in with Erik Schmitt – founder of the Texas Tarpon Collaborative.  This new organization is focused on why the Texas tarpon fishery has changed so much over the past 60 or so years. Gone are the medium sized fish that stick around the Texas coast all year long. Yeah, you can still find schools of big migratory tarpon, but it’s not like it once was. Erik gives his thought on what happened and how this non profit seeks to use research to help restore this fishery.