Our old friend and fellow North Texas bow hunter Tarif Alkathib is obsessed with targeting mature whitetail with a stick and string. He’s become pretty adept at it too, arrowing wary and mature whitetail bucks in the North Texas counties of Grayson and Collin. We discuss what makes those archery only counties unique compared to other Texas counties as well as how we as a bowhunting community recently united to prevent some unwanted regulatory changes in our counties.

Tarif really made a name for himself by arrowing the Grayson County typical record back in 2021, the main frame twelve (which you might recall he brought into the studio last year) grossed right under 200 inches. This year he was back to his old tricks tagging a 180s class deer in Grayson and a mid 160s buck in Collin County. We discuss the tactics he uses that translate into success each fall, from scent control to calling/rattling, when and where to pee and how he chooses where to hang a tree stand. Plus, at what age do this North Texas deer bow out of most rutting activity, or do they?

The Grayson Buck:

The Collin Buck: