If you haven’t suppressed your rifle, why is that? Is it the cost, the arduous process or something else? On Episode 658, Silencer Central founder Brandon Maddox joins the conversation to discuss how his company has simplified the process to the point where the suppresser shows up on your doorstep once the ATF has approved your application. Essentially they are acting as your FFL. Much like myself, there are still millions of hunters/shooters who haven’t gone suppressed for one reason or another. Brandon and I discuss some of those reasons and whether or not they’re still warranted in 2022.

We also get this history behind Silencer Central, why/how did Brandon (a pharmacist by trade) start an industry leading suppressor company? A passion for hunting prairie dogs ended up having a lot to do with it. Speaking of prairie dogs, we also get Brandon’s favorite caliber for those pesky critters. Plus we discuss the benefits of putting your suppressors into a TRUST as well as get into a few of the more popular models that Silencer Central manufacturers – like the Banish line that I have on order.