If I was a resident of Wyoming, I’d prefer for the majority of big game tags be allocated for Wyoming residents. I think it’s realistic to feel that way. However, when non resident licenses/tags fund the majority of most Western states entire fiscal budgets, well there has to be a happy medium somewhere. It seems that politicians have realized they can secure votes by guaranteeing more tags stay with residents. But the reality is funding has to be made up somewhere. How much more are non residents willing to pay?

Huntin’ Fool’s Logan Hedges is a lifelong Wyoming resident. He has decades of experience guiding hunters for big game species in Wyoming’s vast public land system. How does he feel about the recent switch from 75/25 on moose and mountain goat to 90/10 (residents vs non resident tag allocation)? What about the non residents who have invested literally thousands of dollars to build up their preference point totals into the 20s and now may never have the opportunity to draw a sheep, moose or goat tag?

We also discuss some of the more idiotic things he’s seen hunters do over the course of his guiding career. Plus, run ins with grizzlies, covid’s affect on OTC tags & passing the legacy on down to his sons.