This might be the most important Campfire Conversations installment thus far. Congressman Andrew Clyde, R-GA joins me to discuss President Biden’s blatant attempt to skip the legislative process in order to advance his anti 2nd Amendment agenda. Thankfully, Representative Clyde and many of his constituents have taken legal action to thwart recent intrusions on law abiding gun owners. Specifically, the ATF’s redefining of what a pistol brace is (which Representative Clyde demonstrates on my Youtube Channel if you’re looking for visual clarity on a pistol brace’s functionality) and why they’ve made it a felony to have one in your possession.

Congressman Clyde points a recent Supreme Court decision where ‘lenity’ was cited in order to protect citizens from legal action if they legally purchased a weapon/accessory that was legal at the time but now is deemed forbidden under new law. Will this decision also stand up to the Biden pistol brace intrusion? He also sheds light on his appointment to the Appropriations Committee and how that position can also help him undercut Biden’s illicit assault on the 2A. So much to discuss with the Congressman.

(Congressman Clyde always on the front line defending the 2nd Amendment)