Dalton Smith came from Kentucky to Texas’ Lake O.H. Ivie with the goal of catching a share lunker largemouth in mind (13 plus lb largemouth bass). Not only did he succeed but he’s done it three times!
The first two both went over 14 lbs and were caught on December 30th making Dalton the only Texas angler to catch two sharelunker class fish on the same day. Then, before we could even air our conversation, he went and caught an ever bigger one.
The 3rd bass went 14.76 and was caught on Feb 2nd after the ice storm. Dalton joins me on this week’s show to discuss this unprecedented run of lunker class fish. We get into where he found the fish, the bait he caught each on and how important modern technology has become in the world of bass fishing.  I may or may not be booking a trip with him in late March to see if I can get one for myself lol!
Next, we sit down with Idaho outdoorsman Joe Lobo who shares the sad story of a mountain lion killing and consuming his dog in his front yard. Thankfully, Idaho Fish and Game handles these situations with a  common sense approach (something that appears foreign to some state wildlife agencies that regularly value apex predators over pets, livestock and even humans in some cases) and told Joe that he was welcome to deal with the cat if he could trap it or shoot it. Joe shares how it all played out and realization that the cat had also attacked his neighbor’s dog as well.