Vinny Ranucci knew the buck was a one in a lifetime specimen for Northern Idaho’s rugged back country. The lifelong hunter, trapper and outdoorsman spent 3 years waiting for the right opportunity to put his tag on this deer. So, after bedding the buck midday during Idaho’s September archery season, his heart immediately sank after hearing a rifle shot ring out less than 500 yards away. Vinny confirmed his suspicion the next morning after locating the gut pile of a big bodied mule deer.

He immediately alerted Idaho Fish and Game. Wardens Chad Wipperman & Will Fuller ended up on the case and were able to locate the gut pile from talking with Vinny over the phone. I discuss the entire case and how they ended up with a suspect during this in depth conversation with Vinny and Warden Wipperman. Once a suspect was located, how did they confirm he was indeed the poacher? What ended up happening to this once in a lifetime back country buck once confiscated?

We also hit on Vinny’s passion for trapping wolves along the way.