It was late August and Jeremy Evans was excited for sheep season to open up the following day. He had his eye on a band of bighorn ram he’d been watching all summer. That all changed the instant a little brown fur ball ran ten yards in front of him. Jeremy knew immediately that the cub’s momma wasn’t going to be far behind. Just like that, she was on him in an instant. He recalls fighting the bear off after the initial attack and how she would come back multiple more times to try and finish him off.

After surveying the extent of the damage , he realized there was no way he was making it out some 10 miles to his truck. That is when the situation turns pretty hopeless with Jeremy even contemplating ending his suffering right there. However, he realized nobody would ever find his body and his wife wouldn’t know what happened to him. The journey out of the backcountry is a saga unlike any I’ve ever heard. Jeremy takes us with him as he finds hope only to be met with despair at each turn. It’s a series of little victories, one after the other that eventually leads him back to his truck. We discuss the severity of his injuries, the recovery and whether he harbors any ill will to the grizzly responsible.

Jeremy opens up about how the attack lead to his book “Mauled” and how he’s using his experience to help others dealing with PTSD from similar situations. Does he still enjoy hunting and if so, has he encountered a grizzly since the attack? You can find the book everywhere and his website with some cool swag right here : .