Zach Gates is the 2nd generation owner/operator and chief innovator at All Seasons Feeders. He’s also a passionate bow hunter with an affinity for chasing one of Texas most rugged creatures in the West Texas mountains. Aoudad sheep (native to Africa’s Barbary Coast) are hard enough to get into range with a trusty rifle, but Zach prefers the challenge of getting close enough to let an arrow fly. We relive an epic hunt where he took this 35 inch ram with with his bow.

We also get into the challenges associated with getting your kids to really appreciate the hunting camp experience in a world driven by technology and instant gratification. Zach and I were in a South Texas hunting camp a couple weeks ago. He explains why the conversations/people encountered in those settings are always welcome and appreciated.

Of course we hit on the latest and greatest from All Seasons Feeders as well. From the new ‘Barrel Buddy’ to the aluminum line up and the latest innovation in the BBQ Pit and Smoker line. Always great catching up with Zach and working with a company that stands behind their products.

(The nilgai bull Zach took while we were in camp together last week)