I honestly didn’t know much about Alex Whitt leading up to our conversation. I knew he was a Navy Veteran of the Iraqi War and that he had a protein bar company, that was about it. However, one of the coolest parts of this job is getting to visit with fascinating people and Alex certainly fits that bill. We talk about the diet and hygiene (or lack thereof) active duty soldiers had during his deployment. He then talks about the very real issues facing veterans when they return to civilian life after fulfilling their military obligation.

The traditional jobs of police officer, fire fighter or other public service are somewhat available, but what about for someone with hard on to succeed in business? Alex’s story is one of grinding and grinding, at one point working 3 jobs and sleeping a couple hours a night just to get by. Of course, we can’t go a whole episode without touching on some of the ridiculous societal issues facing this country, and more importantly the potential impact it could have on our kiddos.

When it comes to Battle Bars, what separates his product from other protein/health bars in a crowded market place? What about artificial sweeteners and whether or not we should avoid products that utilize artificial ingredients? Lots to discuss with a Veteran owned company I’m more than happy to support.