District of Conservation Host Gabriella Hoffman makes her return to the show this week. She recently appeared on FOX News to help spread awareness on hunting’s role in conservation. We discuss that and the counter movement by anti hunting factions and even the university system to push the false narrative that hunting no longer needs to be considered when it comes to wild life policy and management. Gabby informs us on Wildlife For Allan organization that is front and center in pushing this new DEI based wildlife management philosophy.

Cable shares some pretty damning listener feedback (supporting this movement on the university level)  from Virginia Tech’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation and College of Natural Resources and Environment. Other topics discussed with Gabby include:

  • Biden never wastes a good gun tragedy to further his anti 2A agenda
  • Biden Administration planning to close 100,000 acres of Federal Land to recreational shooting
  • The reality of “incremental loss” when it comes to hunting and the 2nd Amendment
  • Another state passes a “Right to Hunt and Fish” bill
  • Tik Tok to ban Climate Change content that doesn’t fit their narrative


Next we check in with the Infinite Outdoors team in the form of CEO/Co-Founder Sam Seeton and Lead Biologist/Marketing Director Michael Maroney. We all now season hunting leases can be extremely expensive. Infinite Outdoors exists to combat that reality in a system where the landowner and hunter both benefit. Think VRBO but for hunters. The Wyoming based outfit discuss their unique platform and how hunters are using it to book the hunting trip that best suits their schedule and budget. Meanwhile, the landowner still retains control of the property and doesn’t have to deal with any of the headache of booking, vetting or showing hunters around the property- Infinite Outdoors does all that for him.