I’ve been fascinated by birds of prey my entire life. Falcons, hawks, owls…you name it, I love watching them and identifying each species I come across. As much as I enjoy these winged predators, Bladen Benson enjoys them exponentially more. So much in fact, that he’s built a successful business using trained Harris Hawks to remove unwanted pests (primarily pigeons) throughout his home state of Arizona.

Bladen discusses how his company (Desert Kings Falconry) trains and uses these birds in major urban areas. We also talk about other species and why the Harris Hawk has proven to be the best fit for his company. Some other interesting topics include life span, injuries, threats from other hawks, predation, the social aspect of hawking and much more.

Then we shift gears and check in with our old friend Brian Lynn of Sportsmen’s Alliance. This legislative session has been a busy one when it comes to anti hunting legislation being introduced in all 50 states. Sportsmen’s Alliance has a dedicated team that tracks every piece of anti hunting/trapping/2A legislation across the country. Brian shares some of the more concerning ones currently proposed and how we as sportsmen and women can make our voices heard through their legislative action portion of the website.

We mix in a little turkey hunting talk and wrap it up with Biden’s latest assault on the hunting community. If you aren’t a member of Sportsmen’s Alliance I strongly suggest joining our ranks. The work they do for hunters/trappers and anglers alike is paramount to the survival of our way of life.