Beau Saucier and I have been friends for a long time. We seen some good duck dogs come and go, kiddos born, careers blossom and without fail each fall we end up chasing birds together each fall. Whether it’s in a Collin County dove patch or a Grayson County duck hole, the laughs will be many and the straps are typically heavy. On this week’s episode the Outlaw Outfitters owner and I have a few laughs amid some serious waterfowling discussion. Highlights include:

  • Beau’s military service
  • Distancing from his beloved Bud Light
  • Raising your kids in the outdoors
  • Hunting dog injuries
  • Is the full body decoy craze still a thing?
  • Water Swattin’
  • Keeping customers content and coming back
  • What duck species is the least intelligent?
  • Decoy spreads and sunlight’s role in getting birds to finish
  • And much more!

(10 month old Henry on his first dove hunt with dad and Beau circa fall 2013)