Here it is again and let me say it louder for the folks in the back… if you voted for Biden and call yourself a hunter, then this is on you. Time for some self reflection. The Biden Administration recently defunded archery and hunter education programming in the public school system. This obviously begs the questions : WHY? What grounds did they have for removing ESEA grants for those curriculums?

Our old friend Sean McLelland – Executive Director of Outdoors Tomorrow joins us for an in depth discussion on the far reaching consequences of this decision. Outdoors Tomorrow is the organization responsible for putting together outdoor curriculums for these schools and currently has over 120,000 students enrolled nationwide. What does this mean for inner city kids who otherwise would never be introduced to outdoor pastimes? What does it mean for the 2023 school year and the future of educational outdoor programming moving forward? Do we have any recourse as an outdoor community?  We touch on all of it during this candid conversation.