Henry just turned 11 and if you ask him how long he’s been hunting with his old man, he’d tell you “my entire life”.  Which is true considering there are photos of him and Belle in a dove patch where he’s sitting in a stroller with a fan on him and a bottle of milk in his hand, not even a year old. That being said, he doesn’t much care for joining dad on the show but it’s amazing what bribe can do. So he begrudgingly jumped on to discuss our recent trip to South Texas and my friend Chisum Cooke’s family ranch in the famed brush country.

The kiddo did find success on this management buck, one he was happy to have the opportunity to hunt. He made a great shot as we will not be eating the heart of this buck lol.

Then we check in with North Carolina outdoorsman and passionate duck hunter Josh Graves. I recently came across his story and found it one of the more interesting hunting success stories I’ve heard this fall. He was actually deer hunting with his son when he saw something white swimming around in the swamp next to their blind. Josh explains how he then spent every waking moment trying to figure out how to kill what he realized was a once in 100 lifetimes wood duck. Affectionately named ‘Casper’ by one of his buddies, Josh threw the kitchen sink at this duck essentially hunting him like you would a big whitetail buck.

The failures were racking up before it all came together in a race against time and a change in the weather pattern that would see Casper migrate on to a new area. We also discuss swan hunting, big bucks that dominate our lives, waterfowling destination hunts, and much more.  Josh is also a member of the Wrecking Crew hunting group and often appears on the ‘Spent Shells’ podcast.