Jake Schumann and Micah Cano have been best friend since kindergarten. I’ve known Micah for a couple years as he manages the gym I go to. We often share trail camera images and talk about the big bucks we hope to run into. However, when he showed my a photo of a giant Collin County bruiser I was blown away. Then I got the text asking if I knew any good blood tracking dogs in North Texas as Jake had just put an arrow in the massive deer.

There was no happy ending on that late October day as the deer wasn’t recovered. Jake shares the emotional roller coaster of possibly wounding the buck of his dreams only to have him show up back on camera with a noticeable limp. The rest of the season was spent trying to outsmart the buck for a 2nd time. The days and hours on stand were adding up and the monotony of sit after sit without seeing any deer at all was taking it’s toll.

(Micah processed the deer for Jake and found the 1st broadhead stuck in the buck’s front shoulder blade)

If you like stories about acquiring your own property and setting it up for whitetail hunting then you’ll certainly enjoy this conversation. Ultimately, it came down to the last 30 minutes of the last evening of the Texas deer season, but Jake did get that 2nd chance on his booner buck and he made the most of it.