Mixing great pointing dogs with a bird of prey on an upland hunt seems like an odd technique. However, it’s one that Tyler Sladen has mastered. The veteran falconer and pointing dog enthusiast uses his dogs to point/flush coveys before releasing his Goshawk to actually catch the quail. Tyler joins the show this week to discuss his unique style of upland hunting.

What is the Goshawk’s success rate on a covey rise? How do the dogs and hawk interact? Can you correct a bird of prey when it makes a mistake? What other species do they pursue? There’s a million questions to ask here, and we sort through as many as possible in this fascinating discussion.

Then we’re joined by a couple new friends from SCI, in Dr. Miguel Estade -President of the Europe Committee of SCI & Juan Magaz -SCI European Liason. We get into some of the issues they’re fighting on the European front. Particularly, wolves place in Europe and the changing mindset towards them. There’s also much to discuss surrounding a recent anti trophy hunting bill in France among other things.