Rachel Carrie is well put together. She is passionate about her love of hunting and shooting and articulates that reality thoughtfully and eloquently. When I met Rachel at the recent SCI Convention in Nashville, I immediately knew I wanted to visit with her to better understand hunting culture and tradition in the United Kingdom. The Yorkshire, England native is well known in shotgunning circles, as well as in the kitchen, having released her cook book “Game and Gatherings- The Cook Book” in 2021.

We discuss the 6 different deer species one can hunt in the United Kingdom as well as the British’s affinity for pigeon (something that North American wing shooters normally turn their nose up at).  What really put Rachel on the map however, was her spending a week with a PETA model and documentary maker who was intent on painting hunting in a negative light. After a the week, the film maker realized that hunters actually do benefit wildlife and essentially had to eat crow once she accepted the facts about sustainability because of hunting.  Rachel also gives us a few of her favorite recipes unique to the Yorkshire region.

Next,  SCI Foundation Large Carnivore Program Lead Maria Davidson makes her return to the show to discuss a Louisiana conservation success story. Louisiana hasn’t had a black bear season in over 4 decades but that will change in 2024 after the species has met recovery goals. Maria’s longtime friend and Louisiana land owner Levi Madden joins us to give his perspective after growing up with and existing with these bears on the family property. Will he put in for a tag? How will the hunt be facilitated? We also get into the relationship between hunters on a property and their relationship with bears, specifically how can hunters appreciate a species that often times is a huge inconvenience to deal with? Give them a little skin in the game and you might see a different mindset in these situations.

(Big boar Levi photographed right behind the family hunting camp)