Dan Gates has been running ragged of late, making public appearance after appearance, podcast after podcast, commission meeting after commission meeting as the head of CRWM (Coloradans For Responsible Wildlife Management).  Dan never thought Colorado would become the anti hunting movement’s playground, but it has and so this is his life now. We both agree that the current push to ban mountain lion and bobcat hunting via a ballot initiative this November is the single most important issue facing the hunting community in 2024.

Dan breaks down what happened to his beautiful state and how wildlife management policy has been infiltrated with anti hunting dogma. We also discuss how his organization was ready and capable to react with a swiftness the anti hunting community didn’t expect once they filed a motion to have banning cougar hunting added to the 2024 ballot. CRWM has the playbook and the means to hold the antis at bay as this issue has become much greater than just Colorado’s head on the chopping block. I’m proud of the nationwide response as the hunting community has rallied with CRWM to keep science based wildlife management as the lone force driving wildlife policy. Hunters in all 50 states should take note of how CRWM has organized their response and galvanized the nationwide hunting base behind this issue.

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